Thursday, October 15, 2009

welcome Prof. Dr. Rohaida ! ^_^

salam and hi to all,

heh~ i'm quite nervous today since we are going to get a new lecturer [she is supposedly to teach us earlier, but due to some problems, she is being replaced with Mr. Fauzi for a while] which is Prof. Dr. Rohaida Mohd Saat. why do i said that i am nervous?? because i don't know her yet and tend to make some speculations in my mind right now..huhhu~

ok, enough bout that, i guess this time we need to be serious since i'm pretty sure that her approaches might as well be different from his. and we need to get good first impression from her. yes.

so, she went in and introduce herself and straightly taught or in different meaning, introduce us to " Instructional Design Theories". at first, i was quite blur on what this theory is all about and what is the importance of this in our pedagogy in class?but, later on, when she explained to us further on, it struck to me that this is actually very important for us as future teachers to use in class since this instructional design is all about explicit guidance on how to better help pupils' learning and development.

WOW! it is this important until i need to agree that this is very much related on what we are going to deal with later. this is actually a so-called software in which by using this, teachers will be able to identifies methods of instruction in order to find ways to support and facilitate learning process in class. it incorporated the theory of cognitivist and behaviorist where the methods or choice will depend on how our believes and the student's way of learning.

she also introduced us with the SPicE Instructional Design Model. there are 7 steps in this Instructional Design Model which are :

- Identify target audience
- Identify instructional needs
- Analyze instructional strategy
- Performance objective
- Design strategy for instruction
- Develop instructional materials
- Conduct formative evaluation

we need to design our own instructional design model based on the task listed above and i can say that this is quite challenging for a first timer like us. but, i think, we need to get the ball rolling and accept the challenge!

and all in all, i can see that there are differences between prof rohaida's approach and mr. fauzi but i guess, i need to adapt these changes. and for now, i'm quite happy and satisfied with her :)

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

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