Saturday, October 17, 2009

raya mode is still on!

salam and hi to all,

raya had just passed but i guess, we are still in RAYA mode and the excitement of this awaited festive celebration will never fade! :P

ok, back to business. as what i had already told about the SPiCE instructional design model, today in class, we are told that we need to design a website which is quite similar to the concept of instructional design model that Prof Rohaida showed to us before.

but before that, we need to create a storyboard or should i say a draft on how we want our materials to be organized. the purpose f doing this stroyboard is that so that the concept that we chose will be break into smaller units which will help the learners to have better understanding towards the topic besides to get them to see the relation between each concept and others.
storyboard also help us to see the flow of the website that we are going to create later. and, oh! i almost forgot, the website here will refers to the powerpoint presentation since Prof Rohaida said that PPT is also one of the most powerful tools that can be used in class.

after finish the draft of the storyboard, we went and consult her regarding the materials so that we won't repeat the same mistakes again and again. after gone through the storyboard and listen to some explanation from us, at last she permit us to continue with the topic. and i was quiet satisfied and happy with her decision because this means that we are halfway done! ^_~

now, what's left was to search for the real materials that we are going to put in our designed so-called "Website". as there are 6 peoples in my group, hence we divided the workloads where each of us has a role to be carried out. and as for me, i have to search for mamals and insect's life cycles.we are free to insert anything we like as long as it is related with the topic such as interesting facts, activities, videos or even songs!

wait for next week for more interesting news about the "website" and instructional materials!

ok, pen off

till then,

salam and bye bye bye *_*

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