Saturday, October 17, 2009

SPiCE Learning Model

salam and hi to all,

we meet again here, still in science mood..^_^
and today i would like to present you something which is NEW to me and i'm sure, it's NEW to you as well!

so, this is it

ok, today we have to present on what we have discussed in the last class which is the SPiCE learning model. my group had agreed to choose the topic of GROWTH which is quite interesting to be conducted in class. we will focus on the animal's life cycle where there are the integration of technology during the teaching hour.

as we already get the permission from Prof Rohaida to do this topic, hence, it is time for us to find the materials regarding those things such as -->
- different animal's life cycle
- animal's need
- features of changes in animal's growth
and etc.

i admit that we are actually quite blur about the task given by Prof Rohaida however, as she explained it to us again on how to do it, we manage to get a new and clear picture on this task.

while presenting those materials to the class, Prof Rohaida had corrected us on some things such as we need to give justifications on why we need to use technology while teaching this particular topic. i think, this is the most important thing that needed to be looked furter and we missed it!:(
however, i guess, it is good that Prof Rohaida mention the mistakes since it will help us to see the "flaw" that we can't see in the presentation.

other groups had also present theirs and i found that there are many interesting topics which are being chosen for instance, acid and alkali, forces, food chain and constellation.

after all groups had presented theirs, we were required to do a concept map based on the topic chosen earlier. we find it quite easy and organized since we will do it in a form of a mind map where it allows us to see all the ideas clearly besides help to arrange the flow of it nicely.

mind map or concept map is one of the powerful tools teacher can use in their teaching and learning session in class where it enables students to have easy access to all the information given besides help them in learning very much. concept map helps students to only memorize important things that they need to know in a lesson or topic learnt.

before Prof Rohaida let us go, we need to present our "findings" on the concept map and see whether it is correct or not. there are some mistakes that we do and again, Prof Rohaida rectify it and ask us to improve on it.

i think that's all for now. before i pen off my thoughts, i just want to wish Prof Rohaida and all my classmates

have a blast raya and holidays!

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

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