Tuesday, September 8, 2009

continuation of science simulated teaching

salam and hi to all,

on this week of science class, we continued our session for simulated teaching. i really like with the idea of simulated teaching where during this time, we were given chances to teach our so-called students and able to show our style of teaching. this is good where we will be able to see whether we were on the right track on not in teaching. comments and critiques will help us to be better educators in the future :)

the remaining groups had preresented their simulated teaching where in my opinion, all of them really gives the best and they deserved it based on the hardwork they've put into it. some of the groups had integrated the usage of technology in their teaching which is very good since we are dealing with bunches of 21st century kids who were very advanced in their learning. hence, this will act as practices so as to prepare us when we go for our teaching later.

before the class ended, sir fauzi distributed articles on the common mistakes that teachers always do or overlooked in class. i was very attracted to the acrticle that i think, this is a very important issue and we should not take things for granted. after that, we were required to present these issues in front of the class where we were adviced to dramatize the situation in front of class.

as teacher-to-be, i am developing myself to be a great teacher later and i think, this subject has provide me with such opportunity so that i will be able to experience and learn good guidelines on how to be a be good teacher!

till thn,

salam and bye bye bye

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