Monday, August 3, 2009

science simulated teaching

ENJOY these pictures! let them do the talking ^_^

salam and hi to all,

fourth weeks here and yet, i still enjoy my phase of learning science ^_^ v!!
hehehehe...i never thought that learning science for teenagers[ errrr????] could be this F-U-N!!
ok ok ok ok enough bout dat!

we had presented our simulated teaching for science today where two of our group members had successfully carried it out. our topic for the simulated teahing was ANIMAL'S LIFE CYCLE where we want to teach the student's about animal's life cycle and we were focusing on frog, butterfly and mosquito. there were actually many stories lies within the presentation that day =p

one of our group member forgot to bring the CD-ROM that we already extract and hence we have to think for other alternatives to solve this problem. we HAVE to show the integration of using technology in our teaching so we made a contigency plan where we will go online and surf for online materials regarding the topic. And THANK GOD! we managed to find it and download it to be used in our simulated teaching =)

all our plan designed earlier had to be changed a bit so that it suits with our instant decision...and i tell you, it's not an easy choice coz everything is possible that the end, i am really thankful that all went well, just as planned! :)

presentation on that day started off by zul's group where they taught us about things that can carry electric circuit and it was very interesting! they shown us a video about an epxeriment which i found very useful if it is to be used with children..besides that, another group had touched on the topic of planets and solar system where they integrate both technology and typcal teaching practice into their simulated teaching...

at the end of the day, i gain many things and new knowledge...and hopefully, we can apply what we do in when we were out for teaching later ...

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

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