Tuesday, September 8, 2009

evaluating course ware

salam and hi to all,

without we realize it, it has been 6th week since we entered UM and enrolled in this science class. as always, life has never been easy on us and it required hardwork and sacrifices if we want to succeed in life. but, as long as we keep on trying, believe me, ALLH will never turn us down!

ok, now back to our topic of reflection. we learnt new things today and it was on the EVALUATION OF SCIENCE COURSE WARE OR MATERIALS. as i mentioned the word resources, it is understood that it must be regarding internet, teaching materials, computers, interesting websites, powerpoint presentation and so on and so forth. we were also required to present our findings on the evaluation of the course ware.

my group and i had decided to use an example of powrpoint presentation to be evaluated which has been found in the internet. it is about sounds and it merely taught students on the different kinds of sounds for example string equipment, percussion and etc. based on the powerpoint, we had come out with a checklist on whether the material is good to be used in class or not. we also prepares some suggestions or alternatives that can be done if it is not suitale to be used in pacticular classes.

while doing this, it struck to me that being a teacher is not an easy job where everyone thinks it is. it really required someone to be hardworking and creative so that we were able to attract student's attention in the classroom. dealing with students was not a simple work which can be taken for granted! remember, we are dealing with students or should i say, KIDS! K-I-D-S! they know what they want and are clever enough to not just accepting what we give them. hence, it is utmost important for us to prepare teaching materials which is fun and interesting so as to attract their attention and interest.

there are some of interesting websites that can be explored by us so as to enhance our etaching in class. apart from helping us in preparing good teaching resources, it also gives us opportunity to broad our teaching scope and to aviod us from just focusing on one aspects of learning only. so, here, i will give some of the interesting links that might help in preparing materials for teaching. hope it will benefit us to the maximum!






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