Tuesday, July 21, 2009

second class for science

salam and hi to all,

haha..we'll meet again! still in happy mode[ i think i will always be in happy mode everytime i am in science class=p]

i can't believe that i have successfully survived in UM. it has been one week since we enter this university and i think everyone are doing well at the moment and we are enjoying ourself with the enw environment. it is quite hard for me to adapt and adjust myself with this new surrounding but i think, it feels better now. hopefully, it will continue until the end of my study here.

ok, time for reflections! hahaha...it's lame, i know =p
today, mr fauzi gave us some lecture about technology. what technology is all about and how do we apply it to the max in real life situation. when he started off with his presentations, i wondered whether i am really well versed in this part and i happened to me that there are lots of things that i did not know! i am still in the phase of crawling[if it's a baby] and i hope to excel until i approach the running stage ^_^

his presentation also touched on the topics of principles of using technolgy, how do we use and explore it fruitfully. he warned us that TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT REPLACE THE TEACHER. this is because although we are allowed to integrate technology in our classroom, however, still, there are times where we need to do things on our own and not just leave it to the computer to finish it all!teacher will still have to carry out the experiment, designing what to be taught that day, set up the classroom, preparing the taks sheets and so on so forth. we can integrate technology but don't overuse it!

this time around, he assigned us to come out with a sample science lesson for 2 poeriods and we have to based it on the curriculum and the CD-ROM he gave earlier. there are lots of things in the CD-ROM where we have to explore it on own our. we also should use the CD-ROM in our tecaching where it will be used as one of the materials for teaching and learning process. my group had presented our lesson plan and there are some adjustment that need to be taken into consideration.

on a final note, i ended this class with satisfaction as i know that i have learnt something today! and i am looking forward to be in this class again next week.

till then,

salam and bye bye bye


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