Monday, July 20, 2009

oh yeah!

salam and hi to all

hahha..the title itself explain all! i am in happy mode today ^_^
although life in UM has been not so well these days but i did not deny that above all, there's still excitement and enjoyment in learning, i should say.

many unexpected things "greet" me as early as i enter this varsity and not to forget, what i expect turns out the way it should be and it's really really great!! ohhh yeahhh...hahha

ok, enough bout that. let's be serious. [ehem..ehem...nak jadi serious nih]
mode: serious

this would be my first post of the day for this science class. and i bet for this sem, learning science will be more interesting than ever!having mr.fauzi as the lecturer really makes most of us relieved[mind you, bukan nk lobi ye =p] he's very very different with our previous lecturer and he gave us as much time as we like to explore and have freedom in learning, which most of us prefer[i guess]

he also asked us to create our own blog specifically for this particular subject so that we can share, pour and tell anything we want. he also wants to see our progression in learning where it can be seen in our refelctions. although i myself owned a blog before, but, still, i find myself struggling and in the phase of learning on how to have an interactive blog. and i know that, at the end of the day, i will be able to own one! =)

as this time around, we are going to spend our time learning science in COMPUTER LAB, hence i'm sure that we will deal with most of the interactive materials and technology skills. personally, i am not really into this techno thingy or should i say, a techno savvy person, hence my limited knowledge regarding this will be a challenge for me in learning this subject well. however, with my friends around me, i believe that i will never be left behind and will take this challenge positively as one of the mean to develop myself.

as mr fauzi told us, "dont' fight with your rival, fight with your situation", it is true in this case where i will not fight with others to get good grades but i will fight with my weaknesses to get good results! this will be more meaningful to me and at least, i know where i stand!

last but not least, to wrap up this so-called reflections, just a simple message for my friends or anyone who visit this blog,


and FEEL FREE TO VISIT MY BLOG[promote sikit=p]

till then,

salam and bye bye bye

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