Thursday, July 30, 2009

3rd week- the LESSON PLANNING

salam and hi to all,

haha...sedar tak sedar it's been 3 weeks since i entered UM and started my so-called new life here =)

and this is my 3rd class for science and guess what, I ENJOYED MYSELF TO THE MAX when i'm in this class! the lecturer is fun and sporting hence it helps to lower my affective filter and i think, i learn better through this way...^^

this time around was just another presentation of the lesson plan of each group. they will present on what they planned to do for their simulated teaching. we have to integrate the usage of CD-ROM in our teaching process in the name of using technology at it's best.

the CD-ROM provided to us is good in a way that it gives students chances to learn interactively where there are activities which requires them to try on their own. i believe this will help them very much in learning as they will be able to experience the learning to the maximum level. technology is great in a way that it open many doors to the outside world and new things so that we are able to broaden our mind. as teacher-to-be, i am very lucky that i got the chances to integrate the usage of technology in my teaching where this is not possible few years back...

if we are to look at the development of the integration of technology in learning process especially in Malaysia, there are lots and lots and lots of improvement and revolution before we reach at what we are now...and i am truly proud of it ^^,

till then,
salam and bye bye bye

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